Progressive Commercial Insurance

Whitney from INN The Dog House is a great example of how there is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes to entrepreneurship.

This unique business model–a doggy day care–was born because, like most entrepreneurs, Whitney had a dream.

However, her dream was a little out of the ordinary; she wanted her dog to be able to go to work with her every day.

Whitney has made her dream a reality by building a business that not only serves a need in the community–care for pets–but also provides jobs. (Rewarding jobs, at that; lunch and the chance to work with animals are great perks!)

A unique company often needs a unique vehicle, and Whitney’s needs are especially singular; she needed a roomy mode of transportation that would also be safe for carrying animals. She got what she was looking for in the Volvo XC90, and found a company that could meet her insurance needs in Progressive, after shopping and comparing coverages and rates.

Whitney feels that she’s able to run a progressive business thanks in part to the coverage she gets through Progressive…click on the link below to learn more…

Progressive Commercial Insurance