Beauty Shop and Salon Insurance

When it comes to Beauty Shop and Salon Insurance, owner / operators could benefit from a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP to cover their business.  These packaged policies can be designed for hair salons, barber shops, day spas, nail salons, tanning salons and more.  A BOP generally includes General Liability insurance, which addresses injuries as well as coverage for Business Property.  A salon insurance package for a beauty shop and/or salon should at least cover all property, equipment and protect the owner from small and major disasters such as fire or sewer / drain backup.  Endorsements can also be put in place for business interruption and data breaches–both important considerations, depending on the type of business.

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Cell Phone Store Insurance

Cell phone store owners can choose from a number of business insurance policies to protect their store, such as a Business Owner’s Policy that will cover General Liability and Property insurance.  Basic policies such as Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto will be required if the store has employees and/or vehicles .  Other liabilities that need to be considered for cell phone store insurance include:

Burglary and Robbery insurance (will pay for loss of merchandise).

Money Insurance for loss of cash or payroll mishaps.

Accidental Breakage will cover signage due to vandalism.

Inland Transit policies should be enabled if the cell phone store ships merchandise and will cover damaged goods in transit.

Tenant Liability will protect the cell phone store from property damage and bodily injury claims that occur on site.

Retail Store Product Liability should be considered to protect the cell phone store against handling, use of articles manufactured or distributed by the cell phone store.

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The above are a couple of points that need to be considered when looking for cell phone store insurance.  Contact an agent by calling 877-907-5267 to request a quick, free quote for cell phone store insurance that is designed to protect your needs.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance

If you own an auto repair shop you might benefit from a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP; ask your agent about designing a package around your specific needs for your auto repair shop insurance.  As an auto repair business owner you will need coverage for your tools, equipment and employees; equipment such as lifts and compressors should have protection for replacement costs so that if disaster happens you can get your equipment replaced and get your business back on track again.  (Business Interruption insurance is a good endorsement in case an event does derail your operations to the point that your income is affected.) If you offer towing you will need Commercial Auto for your tow trucks.  Your Business Owner’s Policy will include General Liability coverage, for damages and injuries to third parties, and Commercial Property insurance.  Garagekeepers coverage offers protection in case a customer’s car is lost or damaged while under your care and control.

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Restaurant Insurance

Looking for restaurant insurance?  If you’ve taken the step of opening an eatery, restaurant insurance is important for protecting yourself against liability lawsuits and broken equipment.  Restaurant owners need Property Insurance to protect their restaurant from fires, they will need Liquor Liability insurance in most states that require a license to carry liquor, and if the restaurant owner has company vehicles they should consider Commercial Auto coverage as well.  All restaurants–just like any business with employees– should also know their obligations to workers according to their state, and provide Workers Compensation in case an employee is hurt on the job.  An insurance agent knowledgeable about restaurant insurance should consult you about all of these policy types.

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Gas Station Insurance

Running a gas station comes with a lot of liability and knowing what you need in terms of gas station insurance can be difficult to determine.

Many states require owners to carry different types of gas station insurance to cover the various risks involved with this particular type of business.  In addition, each state requires permits to store and sell gas, and to obtain these permits you will need some form of gas station insurance.  If your business also doubles as a quick mart you will need to double up with convenience store insurance;  an experienced insurance professional well-versed in the ins and outs of gas station insurance can help you determine your specific needs. More services typically require different bundled policies.

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Convenience Store Insurance

Need a convenience store insurance quote?  At Commercial Insurance.NET we can help you save on your business insurance by assessing your individual needs and determining whether you would benefit from stand alone coverages or a Business Owner’s Policy package.  Some of the factors insurance agents will consider when evaluating a convenience store insurance policy include:

  • Is the building older than 25 years–or has it been recently remodeled?
  • Have the current owners have been in business for 1 year?
  • Are Gross Annual Sales are over $2,000,000?
  • What property is owned or used in the business?
  • What type of equipment and materials are within 100 feet of the building?

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Convenience store insurance has many generalized aspects, and also several that will vary depending on your individual situation. For a quick, free quote from an insurance professional knowledgeable about convenience store insurance, please call 1-877-907-5267.

Business Insurance

At we offer many different types of business insurance packages for a wide range of businesses.  Ask your agent about bundling a General Liability policy with Commercial Property insurance for a potentially discounted option known as a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP.

Although we service a diverse group of small, medium, and large businesses, the top 10 business insurance policies that we focus on at Commercial Insurance.NET are:

  1. Convenience Stores and Food Marts
  2. Gas Stations
  3. Restaurants
  4. Auto Repair Shops
  5. Cell Phone Stores
  6. Beauty Shop and Salon Insurance
  7. Church Insurance
  8. Strip Mall Insurance
  9. Liquor Store Insurance
  10. Physician Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance: Fleet Insurance

Commercial Auto insurance should not be neglected if you own a business that utilizes vehicles; it’s one of the most important coverages you can have.

commercial insurance quote  is quick and easy, but to certain you’re getting all the necessary coverage, make sure to give your insurance specialist the full story when it comes to the question of who is driving company vehicles.  Uninsured Motorist protection is important, and comprehensive coverage is a good idea even if you have a policy that prohibits non-employed personnel in the vehicle.  Accidents happen and you need to be protected–if it’s not covered in your insurance, you’re not covered in case of a mishap.

How many vehicles should you insure for your business?

Commercial auto insurance companies often separate coverages based on type and number of vehicles in your fleet.  It is wise to insure every vehicle; you never know when you might need the coverage and often, you can get a discount for Fleet Insurance, or Commercial Auto insurance that covers all of your company vehicles.

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