Distracted Driving On Company Business

Labor Day is celebrated tomorrow and many people will be returning home from the 3 day weekend.  As it approaches, I am reminded the number one cause of fatalities in the workplace comes from automobile accidents.  The majority of those accidents have been determined as being caused by distracted driving.  Some states have passed laws regarding texting while driving.  A few states have actually made it illegal to use cell phones or other electronics while driving.  However, these are not the only cause contributing to an accident.  Other causes are eating, drinking, grooming, using GPS devices, checking email and surfing the internet.


Public and private companies often have employees drive upon their behalf.  Each should be aware if their insurance policy not only covers the business while an employee is driving but should implement a distracted policy of their own.  Educating and following up with employees is essential to risk management.  Distracted driving has always been an exposure, but with new technology it is greater than ever.  If you have questions about your insurance coverage, please talk with your agent or one of ours.


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