Insurance for a Pool Service Business

Swimming pool cleaner skimming pool with property owner standing beside them.
Make sure your pool service business is properly insured.

Helping your swimming pool service clients keep their pools in tip top shape may seem pretty straightforward, but insurance for a pool service business needs to cover all of your exposures–and there are a multitude of those–to fully protect you.

Keeping your clients’ pools safe and enjoyable requires more than just cleaning filters and pouring chemicals; if you’re conducting repairs, offering cosmetic repair services, servicing heating units or any other ancillary services, your pool service insurance plan needs to provide coverage for those risks.

It may be tempting to limit your coverage to cut costs in the present, but providing the security your pool service business needs to continue to operate–and grow in the future–should be the foundation of your business plan.

Recommended coverages for insurance for a pool service business can include (but are not limited to):

General Liability. This is a basic policy for almost any business; it protects your business against claims concerning injury or damage to a third party. It’s also call “Slip and Fall” insurance–clients may require this coverage, and it’s especially important to talk to an experienced agent since your “office” includes your client’s pool.

Workers Compensation. Whether you employ a team of skilled technicians, or simply have a family member that helps you on occasion, if you have workers, you need to understand your obligations to them. Find out your state requirements, and be sure to engage an agent that understands the intricacies of this facet of insurance for your pool service business.

Commercial Auto. The transportation that gets you from pool to pool is the lifeblood of your business, and your spa or pool service business’s insurance needs to address your vehicles. Don’t let a minor fender bender shut you down–make sure your Commercial Auto policy protects you adequately.

Inland Marine. Tools for servicing spas and pools aren’t cheap, and they’re necessary. Inland Marine is a coverage that protects you in case these tools are lost or stolen.

Even though the methods may be the same as other companies, your individual spa or pool servicing business is unique, and your clientele will be, too. Your insurance policy should be put together with that in mind, and ideally, your relationship with your insurance agent will allow for communication about future growth and gauging the expansion of your insurance accordingly, so that your business can thrive as new opportunities present themselves.

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