Concessions Insurance

Woman buying cake from concession stand.
Make sure your concessions business is properly insured.

Events may be fun on their own, but the presence of concessions always makes them better–a concessions business is a great idea for making the most of hungry and thirsty crowds, but your concessions insurance needs to be secure before you start.

Most venues will require basic insurance (such as a General Liability policy) and proof from you before you can set up shop, but even if they don’t (and you should be curious if it’s not a requirement), you need to protect yourself from liabilities, and concessions insurance for your business is how you’ll do it.

If you’re already in the concessions business, you may wonder if your current coverage is sufficient–or available somewhere else for a more reasonable cost–and shopping your concessions insurance rate is definitely something you should do regularly, although there are certain things to consider about the price. A reasonable, experienced insurance agent will be able–and willing–to explain the particulars of your rate (or quote), but here are some things to think about when evaluating your budget for concessions insurance…

Are you stationary or mobile? If your business requires a vehicle, you need to ask about Commercial Auto.

Do you sell liquor? Laws and coverages vary depending on what types of beverages you serve..

Do you have employees? If anyone works for you, you need to understand the nuances of Workers Compensation insurance, even if it’s just to plan ahead.

Beyond the basics, options like Business Owner’s Policies and Umbrella Coverage can help you expand, by providing coverage to protect your investment as you grow.

If you’re in the market for getting concessions insurance, or curious about your current coverage, call 1-877-907-5267 to speak with one of our specialists, or click here to start the process of getting a quick, free–competitive–quote.

Providing refreshment, whether it’s at a farmers’ market, festival or game, is a great business opportunity. But the only concessions you should make are the kind you can eat or drink–don’t cut corners on your insurance, or it could cost you a chance at a lucrative company.