Publishing is Changing…But Your Need for Publishing Insurance Isn’t

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Is your publishing business properly insured?


The industry of publishing has changed, with the expansion of online options and self-publishing, but one thing remains the same; publishing of any sort can be a risky endeavor, and publishing insurance needs to cover some basic exposures, as well as your particular operation’s special liabilities.

Whether you own a building and operate presses, or conduct all of your publishing remotely, through third party suppliers, your publishing insurance needs to cover certain standards.

  • General Liability. This is the coverage that will provide for damages in case there are personal injuries or damages that occur, that are found to be your responsibility. It can include attorneys’ fees and court costs in case of lawsuits–an important consideration for publishing insurance.
  • Commercial Property. This provides coverage for your physical building (if you have one) as well as equipment.
  • Business Interruption Coverage. If an event temporarily halts production, your financial obligations may continue. This is an important aspect of publishing insurance that can keep you running.

These basic coverages can be combined into a “BOP” or Business Owner’s Policy, for a streamlined solution to acquiring the standard coverages for publishing insurance. However, publishers often face additional risks. You can enhance this primary plan by additional coverages, depending on your needs.

Do you have a board of directors? Consider Directors & Officers (or D&O) liability. Just a one-person show? You still might need Media Perils coverage, which could be helpful if a lawsuit arises because of material you’ve printed, or an Umbrella Policy, which would kick in for qualifying events if damages are found that exceed your regular General Liability coverage.

Dispersing knowledge is a powerful business, and whether you’re a large operation producing printed material, or an individual helping others get their writing to audiences online, the right type of publishing insurance in the right forms can help ensure that you continue to be part of an important endeavor.

Keep in mind that while managing costs may play an important role in what you’re able to do in your business, the publishing insurance you choose could turn out to be one of the best investments you make for your company–it could make the difference in case of an unforeseen event.

You need cost-effective publishing insurance, but you can’t afford to not have the right amount of coverage.

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