Insurance for Booth Renters…Don’t Get Caught Without It!

Woman wearing gloves giving a client a manicure
Is your manicurist booth covered?

As a service professional who rents booth space–whether you’re a manicurist, hair stylist or another personal service provider–you may know that you need a General Liability insurance policy to cover your obligations to your salon or spa…but insurance for booth renters should protect the booth renter, as well.

Beyond the parameters of a General Liability policy (which covers “slip and fall” accidents where a third party is injured or suffers damages and is usually required by salons) insurance for booth renters can cover a multitude of professional exposures, and it can make the difference between an occurrence being a blip on your work radar or a career-ending event.

If you are considered an independent contractor, you have the responsibility for ensuring that your livelihood is protected. Business Interruption coverage, when added to a basic policy for insurance for booth renters, will help you meet your obligations in case something temporarily halts your ability to work.

In the beauty industry, your tools are your trade. If they should be damaged or stolen, it can cost more than you may have on hand to replace them. When insurance for booth renters includes Inland Marine, instances of damage or theft may be covered.

Professional Liability encompasses damages or injuries that occur due to the services you are performing. (Make sure you only perform services that you are licensed to give.) If a client is burned or hair is damaged, this is the coverage that would apply, if it falls under the parameters outlined.

Senior woman hairdresser holding a hair setting spray and a brush at salon. Hair stylist in a happy mood while at work in salon.
Is your stylist booth covered?

Worries about cost top the list of questions that hair stylists and manicurists have about insurance for booth renters, but keep in mind that insurance is something to have in place for unexpected events–no one wants to imagine negative occurrences, but accidents happen. Unforeseen events have unforeseen costs; the regular premium you pay for insurance for booth renters is an investment in the continuing success of your business.

Call 1-877-907-5267 today to speak with an insurance professional about insurance for booth renters–find the coverage that fits your business, and your current situation, and a plan for managing your risks as your clientele grows.