The Best of Both Worlds: Starting Your Own Business…In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Shot from above of a young businesswoman working on the computer late at night.
Is your home business covered?

Entrepreneurship is still at the heart of the American dream; working for yourself can answer a lot of problems, but it can also create some if the insurance for your home based business isn’t tailored to your specific situation.

Recent statistics indicate that home-based businesses number in the tens of millions, and growth is projected to continue. Whether you’re consulting, freelancing, or creating and selling, a home-based business can offer you a way to work for yourself without investing in another location, leaving you more financial room to invest in your business.

Part of that investment needs to include sufficient insurance.

Many home-based business owners may neglect insurance altogether, or make the mistake of under insuring. This may keep your costs low initially, but in the long run, you might end up paying more for events that arise, that could have been covered by paying a regular premium.

Insurance for a home based business needs to provide General Liability, especially if you are going to have clients on premises. This is a coverage that includes your liability for injuries or damages to third parties. (You may have heard it referred to as “Slip and Fall” insurance.)

If you’re using your car, or another vehicle, Commercial Auto insurance may be necessary, as well. Professional Liability applies to injury or damage caused by negligence, and you may want to consider Advertising Liability, to protect you from slander, libel, or copyright infringement.

The freedom that comes with a home-based business does have an equal responsibility, and making sure that you develop an adequate risk management strategy–that includes insurance for all the aspects of your home based business–can be the deciding factor in whether or not your enterprise is a short-lived dream or a lifelong pursuit.

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