New Year, Big Changes

January signifies for most of us new beginnings full of high ambitions and good intentions. This is also true for many businesses; they see the new year as a way to develop, change and expand themselves.

At Commercialinsurance.NET (CINET) we see these new possibilities and we are enthusiastic for 2019; our mantra this year is going to be “New Year, New Company”.

What does this mean? We have been busy helping businesses find great deals on insurance all year long. But along the way, we made a change of our own. After partnering with Insurica Express for three years, we have sold a portion of our book of business to them.

This does mean changes for CINET, but before we get into the changes, let’s talk about what we will never compromise. We will always provide world class service to our customers, our relationship with our employees, and look ahead to new partnerships. In addition, we will continue streamlining the insurance experience as a whole. We will always be committed to helping businesses get an insurance quote fast, easy, and find the most competitive rates on the market. This is who we are.

So what is changing? We get to refocus on our roots. Our passion is nurturing our first customer, the employee. Another goal of CEO, Mark McClure, is for our employees to be proud of the company they work for and the work they are doing. After all, one of our core values is to, have fun and laugh. CINET will look forward to establishing new partnerships to make our commitments to our customers that much easier and open more doors for them. Andrea McKinney, General Manager of CINET, boasts “This sale has created a huge opportunity for CINET, it has given us the potential to work with many insurance providers nationwide to help better serve our customers.”

Moving forward, both companies will be thriving, but in different locations. With these changes comes hard transitions and sad goodbyes to dedicated employees, friends, and everyday working relationships. Dain Wise, Sales Manager at Insurica Express, sympathizes, “[CINET] is a good group and I’ve really enjoyed working with and getting to know all of [them] over the last 3 years.” CINET’s Mckinney shares the same sentiment, “I really enjoyed working with the sales team and will miss seeing each of them every day.

CINET looks forward to a continued partnership with Insurica Express as we work on honing our niche insurance business. Insurica Express is also excited about the increase in synergy between the two companies moving into the new year, according to Wise.

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