Cell Phone Store Insurance

Cell phone store owners can choose from a number of business insurance policies to protect their store, such as a Business Owner’s Policy that will cover General Liability and Property insurance.  Basic policies such as Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto will be required if the store has employees and/or vehicles .  Other liabilities that need to be considered for cell phone store insurance include:

Burglary and Robbery insurance (will pay for loss of merchandise).

Money Insurance for loss of cash or payroll mishaps.

Accidental Breakage will cover signage due to vandalism.

Inland Transit policies should be enabled if the cell phone store ships merchandise and will cover damaged goods in transit.

Tenant Liability will protect the cell phone store from property damage and bodily injury claims that occur on site.

Retail Store Product Liability should be considered to protect the cell phone store against handling, use of articles manufactured or distributed by the cell phone store.

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The above are a couple of points that need to be considered when looking for cell phone store insurance.  Contact an agent by calling 877-907-5267 to request a quick, free quote for cell phone store insurance that is designed to protect your needs.