Church Insurance Is Available

A church or synagogue, like any non-profit or a business, needs to put the proper insurance coverage in place to protect both the assets and members of the church.  In fact, a number of coverage options are available to reduce the various risk exposure faced by the operation of a church or synagogue.

With any church insurance coverage, the basics of property, general liability and worker’s compensation are a must.  Property insurance covers the buildings and equipment as well as other contents and some personal property.  In addition, it may make sense to add plate glass coverage with a rider if needed for stained glass. Special coverage may be needed for antiques and restoration.

Make sure theft and vandalism are also covered in the policy.  General liability will protect the church in the event of a claim of personal injury, or damages.  It would also cover contractual liability for services provided such as room or hall rental, or other service functions performed by clergy or staff.  Make sure to add product liability for food consumption, sales, or even distribution.

Like any business, worker’s compensation must be in place if there are employees.  Check with your state department of insurance for the specific requirements surrounding coverage.

Additional coverage considered would be professional liability to covers teachers and clergy.  Directors and officer’s liability should also be carefully considered.

If daycare is provided, additional coverage may be necessary or packaged with teachers and school insurance.  Fine arts and antiques may have to have separate coverage added or included depending on the carrier.  Boiler and machinery coverage may also make sense, as well as  business interruption coverage.

Work with a licensed insurance professional in determining what coverage options and liability limits need to be in place.  Ask whether a business owner’s package is available and how the options discussed can be included.  You may also explore whether an umbrella policy may make sense for your church.

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Church Insurance

Finding a quick, free quote for Church Insurance may seem impossible, but options are available for a variety of types and sizes of congregations.

  • Worship Centers
  • Mother’s Day Out Programs
  • Youth Camps
  • Church vans of any size
  • Administration Offices
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Travel Insurance for Mission Trips
  • Coverage for Volunteers
  • Counselors Professional
  • Pastor’s Professional

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These are just a few of the specific church insurance options that you should consider when looking to protect your congregation.  Please call 1-877-907-5267 if you would like to get a customized comparison quote.