Heavy Construction Insurance

One might believe heavy construction has come to a standstill due to the economy, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Infrastructure is still being maintained and advanced.  Funding is still there for many government projects and private projects.  However bidding for those contracts may have changed.  There are a lot of joint ventures now bidding and sharing payroll, equipment and materials due to streamlining job costs.


There are inherent risks with this type bidding, construction risks, and insured’s contractual obligations of which the client should be aware.  Along with insurance, these contractors are facing smaller profit margins, rising costs of materials and more conservative financing.  Even so, the outlook for heavy construction is good.  Insurance is being re-evaluated though.  Some are reconsidering umbrella limits, and moving from guaranteed cost programs to loss-sensitive.  Many are taking advantage of risk management services.  If you have questions regarding your Heavy Construction insurance needs, please talk with your agent or one of ours.

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