Dissatisfaction With My Agent: What To Do?

What should I do if I am not happy with my agent?

Businesses and owners have different needs and sometimes personalities don’t mix.  Flower shops, restaurants, delivery services all have different needs and risks. What works for one and the agent servicing that business may not be a fit for another.

The words ‘value’ and ‘service’ often over used in advertising and even in the business insurance world.  Value is often subject entirely to an individual’s preference, and let’s face it; we all expect good service in any vendor/customer relationship.  So, let’s look at what expectations you can expect your licensed insurance professional to offer you and your business.

You should expect any call to your agent to be returned within 24 hours at a minimum.  An emergency number should also be provided in the event a claim is necessary during nights, holidays, or weekends.  It’s ok if the carrier provides this and not your agent.  Just be sure this number is available.

Having an annual review is critical.  An annual review is NOT here are the latest premiums, sign here.  Instead, you should expect a review of your business, what’s changed, and what has changed with your licensed insurance professional.

Depending on the type of business you have, the risk your business carries, and how fast your business is growing or changing, we also recommend a quarterly update phone call.  More contact or less needs to be determined with your licensed insurance professional and yourself depending on what you feel is important.

Make sure your agent has an interest in your business and your success.  Have they visited your site or at least asked for photos of the various equipment and location?  Make sure you are introduced to staff that may work on or service your account.  If it’s not a fit, you should feel comfortable saying something and getting someone new.  This is your business and you need to partner with an agent you can work with.

Set the expectations of what you expect from an agent or broker and find the right one to fit your needs. Your licensed insurance professional needs to be part of your advisory team.  Someone you can trust and turn to for advice and recommendations important to the success of your business.

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