Insurance As A Bedtime Story

Insurance policies are meant to be bedtime stories for adults.  When a policy is purchased insurance agents should be educating the new client of its’ value to them.  In other words educating the client as how the policy coverage pertains to the business risks of that client.  Most people view insurance as a necessary evil but also know they cannot handle a potential loss of any magnitude on their own.  However, most people are unaware of how the policy works and when it pays so instead of being educated about the purchase, they obtain experience after a loss.


In my 30 years experience, most people simply want to know what insurance will cost for their particular business.  However, the purchase should be made upon answers relating to questions regarding a particular business risk.  Agents who pursue asking more questions about a business than necessary just to obtain a price are building a relationship which reflects a genuine interest in protecting the client’s financial assets.  By complete understanding of risk potential an agent’s advice can avoid unresolved claim issues later.  Therefore, purchasing the proper insurance coverage allow the business customer to sleep at night.  If you have questions regarding your coverage, please talk with your agent or one of ours.

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