Haunted House Insurance

You have a business you love. No, really, you love it more than any business you could possibly think of: You own and run a haunted house and a Halloween maze!

But scarier than any ghost or zombie in your haunted house, is the idea that you have a seasonal niche business and one uncovered base could bring ruin to you.

So, you ask, what kind of insurance do you need in order to be secure in your seasonal haunted house business?

Right off the bat, you know you need general liability insurance, property insurance, and workers compensation. Additionally, you will need to get event insurance and event cancellation insurance and look into equipment insurance, automobile liability and physical damage.

You can reduce your risk, hence your premiums, if you do not use pyrotechnics or open flames, stunts, steeply inclined floors, moving floors, trapdoors, chutes, or people jumping out to startle customers. Your choice in props can also help reduce your premium, for instance, if you don’t have an empty hangman’s noose or knives, swords, or guillotines made of anything other than rubber or paper.

And strobe lights are always iffy as far as risk is concerned, for dual reasons: If used instead of regular lights, they do not illuminate well enough to allow patrons to see where they’re going, and they are known to induce seizures in those who are prone to them.

As always, you should plan to meet with your licensed insurance professional.

When you meet with that insurance professional, you will likely be asked questions such as the estimated attendance per day, number of tickets printed, estimated gross receipts, and the estimated total payroll. He or she will want to know whether the haunted house will be an indoor or outdoor event, and whether or not your employees are trained in first aid, and how far your venue is from the nearest hospital as well as an in-depth description of special effects.

Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance is sometimes known as commercial general liability insurance, spectator liability insurance, or simply event insurance.

Event insurance is an insurance policy which provides protection in cases where an event planner, event holder, sponsor, or the venue itself is sued for property damage, bodily injury, or other loss which is alleged to have occurred at a private or public event.

Generally, the coverage includes most liabilities which arise from the event, the personal injuries, and even false advertising.

Liquor liability will cover risks which stem from the mistakes or misdeeds of the bartender, whether he or she allowed minors to drink alcohol or contributed to a person’s intoxication who then caused injury to a third party. Cancellation insurance helps you to pay off any debts incurred by that cancellation, including deposits paid and returning money to fans or attendees. You my buy these insurances for extra money.

Sometimes the venue where you are holding a conference, wedding, party, concert, fireworks display, or other event will have a special. But frequently, you will need to buy a policy and show proof of that coverage to the owner or management of the venue.

If the venue has coverage already, you might consider purchasing additional coverage, based on how much coverage the venue has.

As always, talk to your licensed insurance professional to discuss the type of event you are organizing or working on, details about what is involved, and what coverages you will need.

Event Insurance

When we think about insurance for an event, we usually think of concert promoters, circuses, carnival owners, or NASCAR. But really, almost any business holds an event from time to time which would necessitate event insurance.

We clearly remember a time many years ago when we banded together with several other small and micro businesses in town to organize a “river cleanup.” The river in town was noticeably full of debris including soda cans, tires, and even a set of china dishes! Almost everyone in town was excited about the prospect of getting together for such a thing.

We had the date picked, and the food providers ready to feed the volunteers when we suddenly realized that the prospect of injury in such an endeavor was likely.

It was fortunate that we had that epiphany because, sure enough, we had a man cut
himself on a bottle on the bed of the river within the first hour, and his emergency room visit was covered.

Other things that event insurance may cover include liability for liquor use, weather or other risks such as parking mishaps, and monetary loss incurred due to cancellation of an event where tickets had been sold.

As always, you should contact your licensed insurance professional to help guide you through the purchase.

Insurance For Fundraisers

Did you know there is insurance for fundraising?  Each year I arrange a golf tournament to raise money to fund a college scholarship.  We have a lot of fun, good food and great prizes.  Quite recently, we have added special events for fun, but also some very serious prizes.  These include $50,000 for one event, $5,000 for another, and a 5 day cruise for another.  We guaranteed a winner for the cruise.  There were many other awards and prizes along with these.  Since the purpose of the tournament was to raise money for a chosen charity, we certainly could not afford to take these winnings out of the money raised.  Instead, these prizes were funded by insurance.  I purchased the insurance policies from a leading company so our charity could relax and enjoy the event.


If you are considering a club event, fundraising event, or charity event please talk with your insurance agent to discuss any risk exposures you may be facing, but also ask about fun additions to give a new twist in your marketing efforts.  Please call one of our agents for your event insurance.


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