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Last week we talked about the travel industry’s rebound within the economy.  Even though it has been slow it has been a steady increase.  Hotels in particular are a good indicator of that increase.  However, the past couple of years has caused owners and directors to take a look at the bottom line of revenue sheets and reconsider expenses.  Insurance policies for these entities are not immune in cost cutting decisions.  However, in the Commercial General Liability policy there are some areas each hotel must consider when looking for ways to decrease insurance costs.


Some of the most crucial coverages to be considered are guest discrimination coverage, valet parking services, employee dishonesty, and “green” building coverage.  Other coverage to be considered with resort amenities and spas are health care professionals as employees, abuse and molestation, and pollution exclusion give back.  Pollution buy back is important for pool chemicals and golf course pesticides.  Resorts with spas are vulnerable to abuse and molestation claims as well as claims against the spa’s health professional.  If you have questions regarding your travel industry’s General Liability insurance policy, please contact your agent or one of ours.

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