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Booth Rental Stylist Insurance

A hair stylist or manicurist who pays booth rent at a salon or spa may wonder if insurance for booth renters is necessary--the short answer is, “Yes”.


The rent you pay supplies you with the space to provide service; insurance for booth renters will give you the means to protect yourself in the event a client is injured or sustains loss, or damage is caused to the premises due to your negligence.


Insurance for booth renters can be as simple as a foundational policy that meets the bare minimums, or you can have coverage that extends to your tools and unexpected time off of work. 


While it can be tempting to forgo extras in the insurance department, in the interests of saving costs in the present, consider the impact to your future if a claim from a client exceeds what you can pay out of pocket. Insurance for booth renters is one way of investing in your career--working closely with clients’ appearances means that perceived injury and damages can be heightened. You need to protect your future by making sure your insurance coverage can help you stay in business in case of a claim.


Some of the things that insurance for booth renters can cover:


General Liability. This is a basic policy that salon owners will likely require you to have; it covers damages and injuries to third parties. The salon may ask to be listed as the “Additional Insured”.


Professional Liability. Insurance for booth renters should be able to provide coverage for claims involving things that can go wrong during the service you are licensed to provide. An example is over processing hair, accidentally cutting a client, etc. Professional Liability addresses those instances.


Damage to Premises Rented to You. Unless this is covered through your rent, consider adding this coverage to your insurance for booth renters. You may be liable for damage to your area.


Inland Marine. Insurance for booth renters that includes Inland Marine can help with costs if you have to replace damaged or stolen tools.


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