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You've done it: you're in business for yourself.

You may be just starting out, or have been in business for some time. Now, you're hearing about business insurance agents and brokers and aren't sure which you should be using for your business.

A business insurance agent will represent an insurance company as an intermediary. They may be captive, meaning they represent just one insurance company, or an independent, representing a number of insurance companies. In broad terms, the agent's liability to the customer is administrative in scope.

Insurance brokers work as independents with a broad scope of products to offer. Brokers in most cases have a higher standard of accountability to the customer. They have a duty to analyze and determine the scope of coverage required by your business. Often, a broker will charge administrative fees or higher premiums to help pay this increased level of expertise.

Typically, the larger your business is, the more important you should consider using a broker. If you have a large number of employees, a large number of vehicles and drivers on the road, or work in a high-risk business segment, it probably makes sense to use a broker.

If you have a small business, just a few employees, a couple of vehicles, and in a standard or low-risk business segment, it's fine to use a business insurance agent.

As always, before deciding whether you will deal with an agent or broker, get as much information to make your decision. Other or similar businesses can offer insight, as can you trade organization or association.

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