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If you are a small business owner and use a car or SUV for work it is very likely that you need commercial car insurance for you and your employees. Every business has a unique situation and our agents at Commercial Insurance.NET want to help you fulfill those needs. We cover businesses from landscapers to restaurants to florists and many more. Contact a representative today for business insurance quotes. Our agents want a chance to earn your business and will be there for you in a time of need.

More on Commercial Car Insurance

We are often asked if business owners need commercial car insurance. Really, a commercial car insurance policy should be in place if you are using your vehicle for business purposes. While you can sometimes get a business endorsement on your personal car policy, it is important to review each specific situation with your licensed insurance professional.

Commercial vehicle insurance policies generally separate coverages based on the number of drivers and vehicles to be insured for your business.

Fleet insurance becomes another option that is available for businesses. If you have a number of vehicles and drivers, it might make sense to look at fleet insurance.

Fleet insurance is generally less expensive than insuring vehicles individually. Most carriers have different criteria for what constitutes qualifying for fleet insurance. Here, keeping your insurance agent apprised as your business grows and vehicles and drivers are hired can help you maintain adequate coverage and maximizing premium value.

Commercial vehicle insurance is generally very competitive. Again, work with your licensed insurance professional in reviewing policies and coverage at least annually. In addition, there may be other ways to reduce your premium.

Insist on checking driving records and hire only those with clean driving backgrounds. Ask if the location of your business or lot may lower the risk of theft. Vehicle choice and safety ratings come heavily into play for determining the premium.

In addition, safety and anti-theft devices such as alarm systems, air bags, and GPS tracing devices can help reduce the premium. Sitting down periodically with your licensed insurance professional and reviewing options is necessary to keeping costs and risk exposure in check.

Check with your agent for any federal and state mandates regarding your commercial car insurance policy and coverage.

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