Commercial Insurance for Chimney Cleaning and Repair Companies
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It may seem like chimney cleaning and chimney repair businesses are old-world professions that aren't really relevant to today's world, that's simply not the case. Many people still use a chimney in their homes to provide warmth and comfort throughout the cooler months. This leads to a build-up of creosote and other materials that can pose a serious threat to the home and its inhabitants. Likewise, a chimney with cracks, missing bricks, or other issues can become a major issue. Chimney cleaners and repair companies take on these dangerous tasks, but they must protect themselves and their clients from both physical harm and property damage with a commercial insurance policy.


Commercial Insurance Coverage for Chimney Businesses 

Whenever a person climbs up onto a roof to clean or repair a chimney, they're exposing themselves and the property owner to potential liability. A misplaced ladder can damage the home's exterior, a missed step could mean slipping and falling off the roof, the chimney could topple over when touched, the list of potential accidents and incidents goes on and on. To protect themselves, their clients, and others, it's wise for a chimney cleaning or repair business to make sure they have adequate commercial insurance coverage.


Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

No insurance policy is the same. Tailoring insurance coverage to meet your business needs is the best way to eliminate gaps in coverage. There are many different types of insurance coverages available to help customize your commercial insurance for your chimney cleaning or chimney repair business. We put together a list of a few coverages and examples of protection:


General Liability Insurance

If you cause any damage to a customer's roof, chimney, or other property or if you cause bodily harm to anyone, you can be held liable for any damages and you may even be sued. A general liability insurance policy will help protect you and your business from such claims. It's a basic form of insurance and every business, regardless of the industry, should have it. Keep in mind, however, that it does not cover your company vehicles, employee injuries, professional mistakes, or punitive damages if you are sued. 


Business Owner's Policy

This type of commercial insurance policy usually covers all the basic liability coverage needs for a small business, similar to a general liability insurance policy. In most cases, a business owner's policy also provides additional coverage for your chimney cleaning and repair business's professional property such as tools and equipment. Given the high cost of replacing stolen, lost, or damaged equipment it's a highly recommended policy, especially for newly started and small businesses.


Commercial Auto Insurance

Your chimney cleaning or repair business requires a vehicle to go to the customer's home or commercial business. That exposes you and your company to a myriad of dangers, potential accidents, and liability. If you're in an accident or you cause property damage or bodily harm it could cost you dearly if you're not insured properly. Do not rely on your personal auto insurance for your company vehicles, it's not enough. A commercial auto insurance policy will cover repairs, vehicle replacement, legal costs, and other expenses. 


Commercial Umbrella Insurance 

Even if you have all of your bases covered with a general liability insurance policy, a business owner's policy, and commercial auto insurance, it may not be enough. A commercial umbrella insurance policy is additional coverage that is over and above your current policies. It will provide you with coverage that exceeds your current policy limits so you can rest assured that you won't get stuck with a huge bill that can financially ruin your business in case of an accident, property damage, or bodily injury. 


Worker's Compensation Insurance

If your chimney cleaning or repair business employs others, you may need to provide them with worker's compensation insurance, depending on the state you live in. Even if you're not required to have this coverage, it's a very good idea. It provides protection for employees if they are injured on the job by covering medical expenses and a portion of their income as well. It also benefits you as an employer by limiting the amount that you can be sued for if a worker is injured, dismembered, or dies on the job.


Commercial insurance isn't a glamorous topic, but it's an important aspect of being a responsible business owner. You simply cannot afford to take the risk of not having Commercial Insurance and you certainly don't want to be under-insured if you do have coverage. At Commercialinsurance.Net, we know how important it is to you and your business to have the right coverage. 


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