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Semi Truck Owners -Operators and Semi Truck Drivers Insurance - Get A Quote Today!

Workers' Comp, Auto, General Liability Insurance & More.

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Semi Truck Owner-Operators and Semi Truck Drivers Insurance

Once you decide to become an owner-operator or start your own trucking company, it's important to get your business into fast gear. But it's just as important to make sure your company is protected from liability, claims, and expensive repairs. So before you put the pedal to the metal, make sure you have the right coverage. Turn to CommercialInsurance.Net to find tailor-made commercial insurance coverage quotes. We can help find affordable solutions for independent semi-truck owner-operators and small fleet owners.



What Types of Coverage Will Your Semi Truck Company Need?

You need reliable insurance that covers every step of your drivers' routes. As most truckers know, good insurance is a must. If you're feeling overwhelmed about the rising costs or complexity of commercial trucking insurance, you're not alone! Many smaller operators are being forced to look for new ways to reduce their premiums. When insuring your semi-truck company, look for these specific types of coverage:

  • Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

  • General Liability

  • Bobtail Insurance

  • Owner-Operator Physical Damage Insurance

  • Non-Trucking Liability Insurance for Owner-Operators

  • Owner-Operator Cargo Insurance

  • Trailer Interchange Insurance

  • Commercial Truck Fleet Insurance

  • Trucking Umbrella Insurance

  • Truckers Workers' Compensation Insurance


Risks That Commercial Insurance Can Cover

Semi-truck owner-operators face certain risks, such as

  • Large-scale accidents that will shut down your operation without proper coverage.

  • Damage to expensive rigs.

  • Loss of cargo.

  • Medical expenses for drivers who suffer an injury.

  • High-risk cargo, such as with HAZMAT loads.

Whether the risk is high or low, make sure you have it covered. There are different areas of coverage that can be combined to fit your business's risks.


The Answers Are in the Details

Take a look at these specific details about the different policies:

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) Saves You Money

A business owner's policy is like a discounted policy for your business. It's actually a bundle of policies put together for your specific owner-operator or small fleet company. It includes commercial general liability insurance and policies that are specific to your industry. We'll help you find out if your business is eligible for a BOP.

General Liability Insurance Covers Risks Outside of Operating Your Truck

As if there aren't enough risks to cover on the road, off-road risks can be a liability, too. You need to guard against the unforeseen things that can happen that are not related to your truck's actual operation. For example, a driver might get accosted at a truck stop, or you might receive a lawsuit from a former client. General liability covers legal defense fees, court costs, and settlements or judgments in the occasion that a client sues you.

General Liability Insurance also covers accidents or damage that may happen at your company's place of business.

Do Owner-Operators Need Bobtail Insurance?

Bobtail insurance is for those times when your trailer is detached. Most of the time, this insurance is for drivers under a lease agreement. For owner-operators under their own authority, driving bobtail is usually covered under your primary liability policy. However, we want you to make sure of that fact before you bobtail it and have an accident. 

Physical Damage Truck Insurance Protects Your Investment

A semi-truck is a big piece of valuable equipment. Your investment needs to be covered by owner-operator physical damage insurance. The next time one of your trucks is in a collision or faces some sort of theft or vandalism, you've got the coverage to replace the damage.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Allows Drivers to Be Insured When They're Off-Duty

You've got your truck covered for work purposes. But what about those times you might drive your truck when you're not on dispatch? Bad things can still happen even when you're driving across town to get your truck washed. Make sure your rig is covered outside of strict business operations.

Cargo Liability Insurance Covers Your Valuable Goods

Your cargo is the reason you have a trucking company. Cargo liability is an absolute necessity. It protects your load from damage, theft, and loss. 

Have Trailer Interchange Insurance When You Haul a Non-Owned Trailer

It's the nature of the business that you might be hauling someone else's trailer at some point. If another person's trailer gets damaged in your care, do you have it covered? Sometimes, it could be covered under the other owner's insurance. Make certain first! Some shippers won't do business with you unless you have trailer interchange insurance.

Do You 10 or More Vehicle Units? Get Commercial Truck Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance covers your whole fleet, and it's usually a better value than insuring each unit individually. There are lots of different options available in this type of coverage. Let us help you choose the right ones.

Umbrella Trucking Insurance Fills the Gaps Between Policies

Some owner-operators might argue that there is no such thing as too much insurance. An umbrella (or excess) liability Insurance ensures that all your gaps between policies are covered. Also, it increases your limits of liability. Lawsuits can go beyond your primary liability coverage, and an umbrella policy protects your assets against that.

Truckers Workers Compensation Insurance Covers Your Drivers When They Get Injured on the Job

You'll need workers' compensation coverage if you have employees. The laws vary depending on your state, so make sure you know what you need. An insurance specialist can help you stay compliant with your state's regulations.


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