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Insuring Your Dump Truck Business

From the early days of simple gravity dump vehicles to our current state-of-the-art, off-road haulers capable of carrying 400 tons of ore, dump trucks have always been the workhorses of the trucking industry. 

While designs are as varied as the operations for which they are used, the function of the dump truck is basically the same. Haul and deliver cargoes in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible.

As all professional dump truck operators know, the trucks they drive and the cargoes they haul are their "payloads". It makes sense to protect those investments with dump truck insurance tailored to your needs. To assist you in choosing appropriate coverage, locate an agent who understands the dump truck industry and is knowledgeable in local, state and federal insurance requirements necessary for their legal operation.

Dump trucks are defined as "heavy commercial vehicles," and primary liability insurance coverage is mandated in order to drive one.

The GVW of all classes of dump trucks, coupled with the weight and type of cargo they haul automatically puts them in a higher risk category. 


Questions About Your Dump Truck Business

Accidents involving dump trucks always result in greater damage; it's the laws of physics. In order to design the appropriate dump truck insurance policy to protect you from potential losses, your agent will ask you several questions about your operations. We provided a list of questions:

1) What type of truck(s) do you drive?

2) If you are a motor carrier, owner/operator or for-hire operator?

3) What cargoes do you haul?

4) What you have budgeted for dump truck insurance?


Additional Coverage Options 

Along with mandatory primary liability coverage (covering bodily injury and property damage), you should consider the following additional coverages to be included in your dump truck insurance policy:

  • Physical damages
  • Motor truck cargo coverage (particularly if you are a for-hire dump truck operator)
  • General liability
  • Environmental insurance coverage  (for certain pollution-related losses; for restoration and clean-up)
  • Rental reimbursement and/or downtime coverage
  • Off-season/comprehensive only coverage (if applicable to your operations)

Be certain to choose the best dump truck insurance policy you can afford. Your dump truck is your livelihood and a significant investment you want to protect from potential losses. Work with your agent to choose the right amount of dump truck insurance needed to keep you safe, on the road and hauling.


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