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Why Do Electricians Need Insurance? 

As an electrician, you probably find yourself in many shocking situations. Electrical work is dangerous and demanding. You are the person people call when they need new wiring installed, general electrical repairs, or maintenance completed. It doesn’t matter what your specialty is or the services you offer, it just matters that you are prepared and ready to go when the customer needs an electrician. 

Being prepared starts before you are on the job. Protecting your electrician business with a commercial insurance policy will give you peace of mind. There are many commercial insurance options available for an electrician—but it can be hard to know where to start. We want to help you make educated and money-saving decisions for your electrical business. Insurance costs per month for an electrician can be affordable. Let us help you get a quote for your company!

NOTE: Some states even require electricians to carry insurance coverage. Check with your state licensing board and work with a licensed insurance agent to determine a particular states insurance requirements.

The Electrical Contractor Insurance You Need

So what business insurance coverage should electricians consider?

General Liability Insurance

A General Liability Insurance policy protects your business from liability if a claim is brought against you by customers for third party bodily injury, third party property damage, or advertising injury. You want to protect your customers without your company getting caught in the cross-hairs.

Example: Faulty wiring caused fire in a customer's home. One of your electricians handled the job and they hold you responsible. Any attorney can choose to go after personal assets, especially when seeking a large award for damages. This is why it is important to have the proper amount of general liability insurance in place. It can cover the cost to repair the damage and any settlement that you’re liable for. 

Some general liability policies include product liability endorsements, which will protect your business in the event of a lawsuit claiming damages as a result of the work you or your company performed. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers your office building, furniture, business equipment, and warehouse space—whether leased or owned. Property damage caused by a fire, storm, theft, or vandalism is usually covered. The financial losses from storm damage can be devastating, which is why this policy is so important.

Most electrical contractors also own an expensive array of tools and equipment which can be damaged, lost, or stolen. Make sure your property coverage has a clause in place to cover tools and equipment. If it doesn’t, consider purchasing inland marine insurance. This covers expensive tools and equipment while stored, in transit, or being used on a job site. 

Business Owners' Policy

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is typically a bundled package of general liability coverage, commercial property coverage, and business interruption insurance (or Business Income Coverage) that insurance companies offer at a discounted rate. Business interruption sounds like its name—it provides you coverage if your business is damaged or you’re unable to operate. It can cover payroll, taxes, lost profits, and the cost of a temporary location. A BOP is often more affordable than purchasing each policy separately and can’t be a great option to provide small businesses with the coverage they need. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you use a personal vehicle or something like a box truck driving to and from jobs, you need commercial auto insurance as part of your business policy. Your personal auto policy will not cover accidents, injuries, or damage if you were working when the accident occurred. Make sure the policy includes a “Hired and Non-Owned” policy if you use a vehicle that’s borrowed or loaned to you.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Do you have employees or other electricians working under you? Workers' compensation insurance is required in most states and is geared toward protecting your employees. How? Workers' comp insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages for any employee that suffered injuries in a work-related incident. It also helps protect the business from being sued if an employee is injured. Check with your insurance agent and the state department of insurance for your state’s specific requirements.

Example: An electrical contractor is rewiring some electrical for a customer. They are having a particularly stressful day and forget to flip the breaker off. Your contractor comes into contact with a live wire and gets electrocuted. Luckily, the homeowner is in the room and calls an ambulance. Your employee is fine, but he's out of work for a few weeks. Workers' compensation insurance coverage pays for their medical expenses and lost wages while they're recovering.

Another employee-related policy that you should consider is Employee Benefits Liability Coverage. This protects your business if you accidentally make errors in the administration of their benefit plan. Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects you if an employee claims that you discriminated against them, harassed them, or that they were wrongfully terminated.

The type of insurance business owners need varies, so be sure to talk through your concerns with a knowledgeable agent.

Other Insurance Policies to Consider

Here are a couple of other policies that are often recommended as part of electrical contractors insurance:

  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance: You may also want to discuss a commercial umbrella policy to further protect your business. It can add additional limits to policies that are maxed out or don't afford enough coverage.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability insurance—also known as errors and omissions insurance—protects electricians against negligence, civil suits, and professional mistakes that you may have made. 

How Much does Electrician Insurance Cost?

The cost of business insurance for electricians can be affordable. An insurance company can offer payment plans for a general liability policy as low as $29–$45 per month. Contractors Liability points out that policies can vary from $833 to $1,318 a year for a $1 million per claim/$2 million aggregate policy. But many things impact insurance costs for electrical contractor insurance, including:

  • The state/city your business is in
  • The size of your business
  • Gross sales/annual revenue
  • The number of employees you have
  • The services your company provides
  • The risks you contractors face
  • Whether or not you use business vehicles
  • The deductibles and policy limits you choose

You can work with an insurance agency to put together a comprehensive business insurance package for your electrical contractors business.

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