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Landscaping Insurance

As a landscaper you are needed in many cutting edge situations like hardscaping, planting shrubbery and flowers, trimming hedges, and mowing. It is the work you do that people see first upon their arrival. Your business is helping homeowners and business owners put their best foot forward. This is why being prepared is essential on your part. 

As a landscaper, part of being prepared is protecting your business with a commercial insurance policy. This starts before you get the job. There are many commercial insurance options for your landscaping business and CommercialInsurance.Net is here to help you make the best-educated and money-saving decision for your business. 

Landscapers commercial insurance

Types of Coverage

General Liability- This policy will defend you and your business in the event a claim is brought against your company or pay damages awarded for bodily or property injury as a result of this suit.

Property Insurance- This policy will protect the building, furniture, and business equipment.

Business Owner's Policy- This policy includes the benefits of general liability and property insurance. It is common to purchase this policy at a cheaper rate than purchasing each policy individually. 

Professional Liability- This policy, also known as errors and omissions, protects against negligence, civil suits, and professional mistakes. 

Workers' Compensation- This policy will protect your business if an employee is in a job-related injury. The policy will pay medical bills and loss of wages. This policy will also protect your business from being sued by the employee.  

As a business owner, you can never go wrong with general liability coverage for your landscaping business. Professional liability adds an extra layer of protection for your expertise. Workers' compensation is a win-win because it protects your employees if they are injured on the job and you, as the electrician business owner, from being sued. If you are looking to purchase multiple policies remember a business owner’s policy can save you money and bundle professional liability and property insurance.


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Great company ... had a great experience with them.
Hdezis Hd
The entire process was very easy....from initial quote to signing the policy. Their rates were very competitive. Thanks for protecting me and my business!
R Luscombe
I had to renew plow insurance. Let’s just say it isn’t easy, so many strings attached. But Commercial Insurance stepped in and helped me out. They found a policy that would work. Thanks guys!
Jason Perez