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As a locksmith, you are given access to someone's most prized possessions; homes, cars, and businesses. Of course, there are other scenarios your business is called upon, either way, the services you provide are keeping someone’s possessions behind lock and key. 

Owning a locksmith business is rewarding, but comes with its own set of worries. It is important to have commercial insurance for your locksmith business to protect your customers and yourself. There are many types of commercial insurance policies you can tailor to your needs and provide protection from claims, lawsuits, and unforeseen circumstances. Finding the right commercial insurance policy is easier than you think with Commercialinsurance.Net.


What Kind of Commercial Insurance Does Your Locksmith Business Require?

How much coverage do you require? The answer depends on the location and many other factors. In some states, you might be required to purchase a minimum amount of insurance like general liability or property damage. Furthermore, depending on the cost of your equipment, how much your rent is for your shop, whether you have auto locksmith services or employees, will dictate how much you purchase. At a minimum, every locksmith business should purchase general liability and consider investing in optional coverages for maximum protection. 

Types of Coverage

There are many different types of insurance policies to customize for your business. Each business is unique and has specific needs to be met by their insurance policy. Here is a shortlist of commercial insurance coverage types and how they can protect your locksmith business: 


  • General Liability- This policy will defend you and your business in the event a claim is brought against your company or pay damages awarded for bodily or property injury as a result of this suit.


  • Property Insurance- This policy will protect the building, furniture, and business equipment.


  • Business Owner's Policy- This policy includes the benefits of general liability and property insurance. It is common to purchase this policy at a cheaper rate than purchasing each policy individually. 


  • Professional Liability- This policy, also known as errors and omissions, protects against negligence, civil suits, and professional mistakes. 


  • Workers' Compensation- This policy will protect your business if an employee is in a job-related injury. The policy will pay medical bills and loss of wages. This policy will also protect your business from being sued by the employee. 


Your locksmith business needs commercial insurance for your peace of mind and protection. A business owner’s policy is a good fit for most business because it bundles multiple coverage types. If you have employees you will want to add workers’ compensation to protect them and you in the event of an injury. The bottom line is we always recommend purchasing the most insurance you can afford, this will ensure you are receiving the best protection within your budget. Whatever it is you need Commercialinsurance.Net has an option for you. 

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