Microblading and Permanent Make-up Insurnace

Workers' Comp, Auto, General Liability Insurance & More

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Microblading and Permanent Make-up Insurnace

Workers' Comp, Auto, General Liability Insurance & More

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Microblading and permanent cosmetics is an up-and-coming business today and you can see why: clients appreciate not having to re-do their make-up every morning and always looking their best. The professionals providing the service are excited about the benefits too. 


Owning a salon, however fun and creative it may be, still comes with all the worries of any other business. Protecting your business and assets from claims, a lawsuit, or any unforeseen circumstances is a no brainer. Getting the right insurance policies to help meet your needs and provided the needed protection is easier than you think with Commercialinsurance.Net.


Types of Coverage

There are multiple policies that go into creating the perfect insurance coverage for each business. Each business is unique and so should their insurance policy, the microblading and permanent make-up industry is no different. Here is a list of insurance policies and information about how they can provide protection for your business:


Business Owner's Policy

A business owner's policy, commonly shortened to BOP, is a bundle of policies that you buy together to keep things convenient and cost-effective. The things covered in a BOP would generally reflect the most common risks inherent to the company. For instance, a microblading/permanent cosmetics company would need general liability for when a client is injured on your property, professional liability for when a client doesn't like your work, and coverage for your property should it get stolen or damaged. You might also want to include auto insurance if you drive to people's homes to do your work. Your insurance provider would be able to help you tailor your BOP to your business.


General Liability

General liability is one of the most common types of insurance for companies to get because it covers a broad spectrum of accidents. It will cover damage to customers that aren't related to your business but happened in your salon. The classic example is a customer comes in and trips on uneven tile, which is why general liability is often called “trip and fall insurance.” It would also cover damage to a customer's property, such as spilling ink on their purse. 


Professional Liability

Anyone who provides a service, especially something as intimate as microblading and permanent cosmetics, might be interested in professional liability. This type of insurance is often called “errors and omissions” insurance because it covers damages caused by professional mistakes. If a client is unhappy with the way he or she looks after you are done, the insurance will compensate them without putting your company in a hole. An insurance provider will help you find coverage for the particular risks your service offers.


Property and Rental Damage Coverage

People who perform microblading often rent equipment. Perhaps you rent the room where you perform your services. In that case, you will want to cover any damage to your room so that you won't wind up paying for accidents such as walls getting dented. It's even more important to insure equipment and rooms that you own because you have to replace or fix them. You will want to talk to your insurance agent about what equipment and property need to be insured and for how much, as this can vary with the condition of the property in question.


Product Liability

 A microblading or permanent cosmetics company uses many pre-treatment and post-treatment creams, pigments, color correctors, blades, and needles. Some of these products can hurt the customer or the customer's property. They might have a reaction to the cream, for instance. There might also be a defect with the product that you used without your knowing about it. This is where product liability comes in: it covers damages caused by the products you use. It may even cover claims that you didn't provide adequate instructions when you gave them a product to use. This could be especially important if you use privately labeled products, so you will want to mention it to your insurance agent if you do use them.


Worker's Compensation

Your employees are working with sharp blades and needles, and that can lead to them getting injured. To get them healthy and back to work as quickly as possible, they will have to get medical treatment. Worker's compensation covers any injury that your employee acquires while working for you. This is why many states require that if you have workers' compensation if you have an employee. 


When providing microblading and permanent make-up services it is always a good idea to have general liability insurance at the very least. Having a business owner’s policy is a great way to bundle coverage and tailor it to your specific business needs. If you employ anyone workers’ compensation insurance will be a lifesaver in the event your employee is injured on the job. Whatever it is you need Commercialinsurance.Net has an option for you.  


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