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Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage is a form of legal liability insurance available to dump truck owner-operators as well as other motor carriers. As the name suggests, it covers the insured for loss of or damage to the cargo they haul for others. It does not provide coverage for cargo owned by the insured.

As an addition to a basic dump truck insurance policy, motor truck cargo coverage is highly recommended for independent dump truck drivers. While it is not mandated by law as is a primary liability, some dump truck operations will require contract "for-hire" drivers to carry their own motor truck cargo coverage. Premiums for this form of dump truck insurance vary between insurance carriers, as do the available limits and deductibles from which you can choose.  

One of the most important variables affecting the cost of your motor truck cargo coverage will be the type of cargo you haul. As a dump truck operator, you may be hauling aggregate, sand, gravel, dirt, or stone. Perhaps your loads consist of construction material, scrap metal, recycled products, or in the winter you haul snow and ice removed from airport runways or mall parking lots. Others may routinely transport materials such as contaminated soil from environmental clean-up sites.

Whatever type of cargo you haul, it has value to your customer and to you. Some cargoes are more of a theft risk than others. Not many thieves want to take advantage of a load of dirt but just might help themselves to your customer's load of river rock used in landscaping. You don't want to be faced with covering that loss out-of-pocket. Other cargoes are considered more of a pollution risk than others. An unplanned discharge of such cargo along a public roadside as a result of operator error or accident will cost a small fortune to recover. Will your dump truck insurance policy cover that loss?

Not all insurance companies offer motor truck cargo insurance. Others that do may only cover certain types of cargo. Speak with an agent who is familiar with the insurance needs of the dump truck industry and will tailor a policy to adequately cover the specific cargoes you haul.


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