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Does my Nail Salon Need Business Insurance?

Your clients receive more than simple manicures and pedicures from you. You provide an experience for them to establish your nail salon’s reputation. The highly personal nature of manicures and pedicures—services centered on a client’s appearance—means that you are at higher risk.

If a customer is injured in your salon or claims that they caught an infection from poor sanitizing processes at your salon, your business is at risk. The right type of nail salon insurance could make all the difference in case there is an injury or accident in your salon. 

Operating a nail salon takes a lot of your time, and the search for insurance can seem daunting if you’re not sure what to expect when you begin contacting providers for quotes. In this article, we want to help prepare you. We will cover:

  • Insurance policies nail salons need
  • Examples of coverage
  • Questions you’ll be asked
  • Potential cost of coverage

We want to help YOU find the best nail salon insurance to suit your needs. 

Insurance Policies Nail Technicians Need

You may never have to face a claim from an injured client—but in the event that it does occur—you want to be sure that the proper nail salon insurance coverage has been put into place. What business insurance policies should you consider to protect your business? 

General Liability Insurance: A General Liability Policy covers injury to a customer and/or damage to their personal property. It can pay for medical expenses and replacement costs.

Commercial Property Insurance: If a natural disaster strikes and your salon is damaged, you want to make sure you have property damage coverage. It will cover the cost to repair or replace your building. 

Business Interruption Insurance: If your business is damaged by a storm or fire, business interruption coverage can help cover lost profit, employee wages, taxes, and even the cost of a temporary location.

Business Owner’s Policy: a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines General Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, and Business Interruption Insurance. It’s often more affordable as a package versus obtaining separately.

Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability coverage protects you if you accidentally harm a client (or they claim bodily injury) during the course of business. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: If you hire nail technicians, estheticians, barbers, hair stylists, etc. you need to protect them with a workers’ compensation policy. If they are injured or become ill while working it covers their lost wages and medical expenses. 

Product Liability Insurance: If your nail salon sells nail polish, you could be held liable if a client claims injury or illness from your products. This protects your business as part of the supply chain. 

Commercial Auto Insurance: Your business may need commercial auto insurance if you travel to any off-premise locations to conduct business.

Examples: Why Nail Salons Need Business Insurance

Why do you need the proper liability coverage for your business? Here are a few examples:

Example #1: A new customer requests a gel manicure. She walks out of your nail salon with perfect manicured nails. But a week later you get a notice from her lawyer: She's contracted an infection and blames your nail salon. Even though you don't believe you're at fault, your professional liability insurance covers her medical expenses.

Example #2: Your business was unfortunately in the path of a tornado and the building is destroyed. Luckily, your commercial property insurance covers the property damage. Your business interruption policy helps cover the cost of a temporary location while yours is being rebuilt.

Example #3: A customer trips and falls after one of your nail techs mops the floor. Unfortunately, your customer hits her head and gets a concussion. Your general liability insurance will cover her medical expenses and the cost of a possible settlement.

How to Reduce the Changes of a Claim Being Filed

Do everything possible to limit the possibility of a claim. Here are our recommendations: 

  • Properly clean your tools: Make sure each tool or instrument you use (nail files, basins, clippers, etc.) is properly sanitized between clients. The Coronavirus pandemic has made the need for proper infection control more important than ever. 
  • Protect your employees: Make sure your nail technicians wear the proper protective gear when necessary (face shield or mask, gloves, gown, etc.) 
  • Keep your salon safe: Make sure your floors are free of hazards such as pools of water, rugs that can be tripped over, and anything that can otherwise cause harm to a client.

How Much Does Nail Salon Insurance Cost

What can impact the cost of your business insurance coverage? What questions may an agent ask to properly gauge the amount of coverage nail salons need?

  • Do you have employees? Do you have only contractors working for you? Full or part-time employees? Do you charge booth rent?
  • What services do you offer? Only manicures and pedicures? Do you need coverage for things like massages or other aesthetic services in your nail salon insurance policy?
  • What kind of equipment do you use? Are you seeking a nail salon insurance policy that will cover chairs, implements, and possibly your company’s computers and client files in case of loss?
  • Do you rent or lease your space? Or do you own the location your business operates out of? What is the square footage of the space?

Quotes on salon insurance doesn't have to be complicated if you know what you need. The cost will vary depending on the answers to the above questions. General liability can cost as low as $39 a month. Any other coverage you elect will add to the cost. Speak to an agent to get an accurate quote!

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