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General liability insurance planning is a critical but often overlooked part of strategic business planning and especially, new business planning. There are a number of steps to take to ensure you get the most coverage for your premium dollar.

Here are some key areas to look at and sources of information to help you with your insurance planning:

Contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance. They have information available on types of insurances, requirements specific to certain businesses, and numerous other resources. They can also give you accurate general liability insurance quotes.

Contact any industry associations. They too may be able to provide resources and may even have group purchasing plans available. They also may have information on types of insurance coverage, various configurations of general liability insurance, and recommended limits.

Try to assess the risks your particular small business may be exposed to in the daily operation of the business. Risk elements to be considered are location. Try and find out the crime rates and vandalism rates. Another risk is the type of building structure your business is located in. What is the distance for fire, Police and ambulance to travel? What is the layout of the business structure?  Stairs, elevators, equipment layout?  As you can begin to see, the various elements of risk determine what a premium will be and coverage limits the carrier is willing to give your business.

If your business has or will have employees, what risks may they face in the operation of the business? Here again, the state department of insurance can help. The worker's compensation act is covered by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. You can find more at the official site for the state of North Carolina's insurance section.

Choose a licensed insurance professional you are comfortable with and is willing to work with you. Whether you pick an agent or broker, take the time to interview them. Make sure they are willing to meet with you periodically either in person or over the phone. Industry experience is nice but look for a solid knowledge of business principles. Check references, ask questions, find someone you are comfortable making a trusted advisor to your business.

Utilizing these steps will help you as a business owner understand the risks involved in owning and operating a business. Risk management is often not talked about until a business reaches a certain size. Many businesses don’t reach that level because of not understanding what risk management is and how it could affect the growth and financial security of your business.

Once you have chosen your licensed professional, engage them to help you develop a risk management strategy and review that strategy at least annually.

Let us help you find protection for your business and keep your mind at ease. At CommercialInsurance.Net, our mission is to help medium and small businesses manage risk by finding business insurance quotes at a reasonable price. To get a competitive insurance quote it is fast and easy, enter your zip code  and click “Get Quote.” One of our specialists will contact you soon.

Very knowledgable. Efficient service. A willingness to work "outside the box".
Patch Hickok
The entire process was very easy....from initial quote to signing the policy. Their rates were very competitive. Thanks for protecting me and my business!
R Luscombe
This insurance purchase for my business was the most seamless phone encounter I have ever had in any phone purchase process bar none. Information was requested once and moved smoothly from one person to the next as we moved thru the purchase. Each person I dealt with was friendly, professional, and focused on determining my needs and the best way to match me up with the solution. Absolutely stellar!!!
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