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Dump Truck Insurance - Part 5: Off-Season/Comprehensive Only Coverage

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Dump truck "off-season" insurance, also known as "comprehensive only" coverage is an option available to operators who may use one or more particular trucks for seasonal businesses only. It provides a type of continuous dump truck insurance coverage during the "off-season" or certain months when those particular dump trucks are stored and not in use.

Whether you have one dump truck used solely for snow and ice removal in the winter or have several dedicated for landscaping use during the summer months, you should consider this cost-effective insurance option. Dump trucks used for any other type of seasonal work might also be candidates for this type of dump truck insurance.

Comprehensive Only dump truck insurance provides just what its name implies. It provides only the comprehensive coverage found within your physical damage (PD) insurance policy and applies to those named vehicles while in storage. It allows the owner to save some money on premiums by eliminating the year-round PD insurances of collision, fire, and theft with combined additional coverage (CAC) on these dump trucks while in their off-season.

Comprehensive only will protect those vehicles while not in use from fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism, etc. - most anything other than a collision with another vehicle or object.

Choosing this coverage eliminates potential gaps in your dump truck insurance which would result if you canceled all their coverage during the off-season. This helps avoid the potential of higher premiums rates resulting from such gaps when insurance is then reinstated as your seasonal business begins again.

Off-season/comprehensive only coverages vary between insurance companies and are also dependent upon state regulations, certain exclusions and limits may apply. In general, you will be asked to select a deductible and also submit a "stated value" (the amount you consider your truck to be worth) for each dump truck to be insured under this coverage. Check with your agent today about this money-saving option for your off-season dump truck insurance needs.

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