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  Additional Insured Included:   YES
  Free Certificates:   YES
  Payment Options:   YES     (Pay in Full OR Payment Plans)
  Low Down Payments:   YES     (Flexible Payment Options)
  Coverage Limit Minimum:   $2,000,000 / $2,000,000 / $1,000,000



Choosing the right commercial insurance for painters while reducing the risk your business is exposed too can seem overwhelming. It sometimes seems there are as many options in business insurance quotes as there are colors. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what basic insurance needs to be in place, as well as other coverage options available to most types of businesses today. For many painters, a business owner’s policy may be just the coverage needed.

There are three basic types of insurance necessary for any type of business today.  Those insurances are; general liability insuranceproperty insurance, and workers' compensation insurance. The business owner’s policy will include both property insurance and general liability.

Property insurance protects your business property and inventory against loss or damage by accident, theft, or another cause or by another party. Liability insurance protects the company against claims of injury either bodily or physically. This would protect you in the event of an accident at your business or in another location where you or your employees are conducting business. In addition, the business owner’s policy may also cover a loss of income and other options which need to be reviewed. 

Workers' compensation must be purchased separately.

Almost every state requires workers' compensation insurance. This insurance covers medical and lost wages to an employee injured conducting company business. It also protects the business from being sued by the employee. Your agent, as well as your state department of insurance, can help you determine what type of coverage is necessary for your business.

Work with your licensed insurance professional to determine if a business owner’s policy is right for your painting business. Insurance for painters seems to have a language of its own. 

It’s important to develop a good relationship with a licensed insurance professional to help you understand the coverage of your painter's insurance quote.

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