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Find The Right Insurance For Your Painting Business

Painters perform a wide variety of tasks associated with painting. You may patch drywall, spackle holes, and install or paint trim for clients. If you focus on exterior painting you may be climbing ladders to paint siding or windows. Or you've invested in expensive equipment like industrial sprayers. In this article, we’ll take a look at what basic insurance coverage needs to be in place to protect you and your small business. We talk about the different risks you face, and the coverage options available to most small businesses. 

What Risks Does A Painting Business Face?

The risks a painter faces largely depends on the type of painting that you do—interior or exterior. 

Exterior Painting

One example of the questions you’ll be asked as you seek out a quote for painting insurance for outdoor painting is, “How high up do you go? Are you working on scaffolding? Ladders? Cherry-pickers or other heavy machinery?”. Risk assessment is a large part of determining the extent of your needs, and the questions you’re asked are to determine the scope of your exposures. If you’re working 2 or 3 stories in the air, the risk of serious injury increases. 

Interior Painting 

Any contracting done inside a home or place of business poses unique risks, and interior painting is no exception. No matter what the skill level of a painter is, accidents happen. Whether or not you engage in mostly residential or commercial interior painting will make a difference in the painting insurance that will best suit you.

The method of painting you utilize will come up, as well; whether or not you use brushes or spray guns has an impact on the type of coverage you need. Certain aspects of painting insurance will be the same no matter what your specific process or whether you specialize in interior or exterior work. 

What Coverage Is Necessary For Painters Insurance?

Choosing the right commercial insurance for painters while reducing the risk your business is exposed too can seem overwhelming. It can seem as though there are as many options in business insurance quotes as there are colors. Some standard coverages that we recommend to properly protect your business include: 

General Liability

Painters liability insurance protects the company against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and slander. This would protect you in the event of an accident at your business or in another location where you or your employees are painting. 

Example #1: You’re painting the interior of a church and the pastor walks into the sanctuary to check on your progress. However, he isn’t paying attention and trips over the canvas covering the floor and twists his ankle while knocking his head against the wall.. General liability will cover the medical expenses associated with that injury

Example #2: You’re working on scaffolding and accidentally knock your paint bucket off—it splatters all over the homeowners deck. General liability will cover the property damage and costs associated with fixing or replacing the damaged deck. 

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects your business property and inventory against loss or damage by accident, theft, or fire. If you own an office or store paint and other equipment in a warehouse, this coverage is necessary. Property insurance and general liability can be combined into a Business Owners Policy (BOP) and can often be more affordable than purchasing the coverages separately. 

Workers Compensation

Almost every state requires workers' compensation—or workers' comp—insurance. This insurance covers medical and lost wages to an employee injured conducting company business. It also protects the business from being sued by the employee. Your agent, as well as your state department of insurance, can help you determine what type of coverage is necessary for your business.

Commercial Auto

If you own a cargo van or vehicle for transporting ladders, paint, sprayers, and other equipment to and from job sites you need commercial auto insurance in case of collision or accident. 

Inland Marine

An inland marine policy covers damages that may occur to any tools or equipment that you’re transporting between your office and a job site. It also covers theft or vandalism to your equipment when it's stored at a job site. 

Professional Liability

While the need for professional liability coverage isn't typically a necessary coverage for painters insurance, if you give professional advice or opinions to clients it may be necessary.

How Much Does Painters Insurance Cost?

The average cost of a business insurance policy for a painter costs roughly between $29 and $89 a month, with the average insurance cost being around $50 a month. Talking to an experienced insurance professional who understands your business is key. Preparing for the questions you’ll be asked (“How many employees do you have?” “What are your annual gross receipts?”) will streamline the process and help you determine which plan fits your needs. Other factors that affect pricing will include:

  • Whether or not you offer interior or exterior painting
  • The type of tools and equipment you use
  • How many subcontractors you employ
  • Heavy equipment or machinery that’s used

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