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If you own a truck and plow and offer plowing services in the winter months or even full time, it’s important to have snow plow insurance in place. 

A personal auto insurance policy typically does not include “for-profit” snowplowing activity. If snow plowing for income or operating as a business, you should purchase a commercial policy that covers you for the complete snow plowing operation.

There are two aspects to consider: coverage for damage to the snowplow equipment or truck and liability associated with damage caused by performing the snow plowing. The other thing with this is hired and non-owned auto coverage.

If you have a snowplow business and there are other people out plowing for you on your behalf using their own trucks, make sure you add a coverage called hired and non-owned. That is for commercial vehicles that you hire and non-owned vehicles used so that the liability from your policy extends to the operations for people that you hire to plow for your business.

Ask your agent whether a business owners policy may be a good fit for your snow plow business. The policies will often include general liability insurance, loss of income, and other various coverage options for your business including property insurance. 

Trucks and plow equipment don’t come cheap should you need to replace them. Make sure you have coverage in place in case you damage equipment or it is stolen.

If you do have employees working for you, it’s a pretty good chance you’ll need workers' compensation insurance for those employees. Your state department of insurance is a good starting point coupled with your licensed agent. 

Review what coverage options you need and what coverage limits will be best for your snow plowing business.

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