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Common Commercial Vans We Insure:
Cargo Vans
Company Vans
Delivery Vans
Mini Vans
Wheelchair Vans
Conversion Vans
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Types of Commercial Van Insurance Available

We offer commercial van insurance for a number of purposes excluding for hire transportation of people. Our agency will insure hotels, churches and other types of businesses that have vans and transport guests. However we do not offer any type of livery for taxi's, buses and limousines.

The most common form of commercial van insurance we offer is for delivery of goods via a cargo van. Cargo vans are used in a number of industries including funeral homes, florists, manufacturing and many others. Common models of cargo vans include the Dodge Sprinter, GMC Savana, Ford E Series and Chevy Express.

What do I need to get a quote?

To get an accurate commercial van insurance quote we need at a minimum the following information:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Financial Responsibility
  4. Named Insured
  5. Vehicle Year, Make and Model
  6. VIN Number
  7. Drivers
  8. Violations of Drivers
  9. Business Type
  10. Type of Coverage Requested

Many of our customers wonder why we need their social security number to get an accurate business insurance quotes. Our partner carriers use this information to verify driving and credit history to verify that all of the information is correct. Our customers can obtain a quote without the social security number. However, it will not be as accurate as customers who are willing to give us this information.

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