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Worker’s Compensation Insurance...Who Needs It?

The common understanding of Worker’s Compensation Insurance is coverage that provides financial assistance for employees, in case of a work-related injury. And this is the biggest benefit of Worker’s Compensation Insurance; assurance for injured employees that their medical costs and a portion of their salaries will be taken care of while they recover.

Many business owners, however, in their eagerness to avoid the extra cost that this coverage represents, miss one important point of Worker’s Compensation Insurance; it protects them, as well.

While specifics will vary from state to state (check with your state department of insurance for your area’s requirements), many laws concerning Worker’s Compensation Insurance protect the business in question from being sued by the injured employee for benefits beyond what the policy provides.

Even in states where employers aren’t required to offer Worker’s Compensation Insurance (Texas is one example), they may find their opportunities limited if they don’t have it; some potential clients may require small businesses or contractors that they work with to carry Worker’s Compensation for their employees.

Injuries and conditions typically covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

  • On the job injuries

  • Repetitive motion conditions like carpal tunnel

  • Work-related lung and breathing issues

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs for work-related health issues

  • On the job death or dismemberment

Income replacement for the injured employee is also generally a standard component of Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and lawsuit protection for employers can be, as well. Contact us today to find out if your business needs Worker’s Compensation Insurance and get your same day quote.