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General Liability Insurance Quotes

Just like insurance policies for your car and home protect the assets of your personal life, General Liability Insurance safeguards your business and its resources.

There are several facets of commercial insurance--Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Umbrella Liability, and Commercial Vehicle Insurance, just to name a few--and they’re all important, but a General Liability Insurance policy is the foundation of your business coverage, and it needs to be solid.

A good understanding of what a General Liability Insurance policy does for you begins with comprehending what it does not do…

General Liability Will Not Cover:

  • Vehicles
  • Employee Injuries
  • Punitive Damages (in case of a lawsuit)
  • Professional Mistakes 

These are areas of your business coverage that are also important, and will need additional discussion and planning with your agent. Just like a foundation isn’t a house by itself, a General Liability policy doesn’t cover all of the needs a business may have.

General Liability is the point where coverage should begin, however, and it provides the most basic protection for your business.

General Liability Typically Covers:

  • Non-employee injury 
  • Copyright violations (even unintentional copyright violations can be brought to suit)
  • Lawsuit expenses (investigations, attorney’s fees, and settlements) 

Our insurance specialists understand that every business is unique, and can help you translate your needs into an affordable coverage solution. Risk management is an art, and our business is helping you protect your business.

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