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Commercial Insurance for Welders

As a welder, you are well aware of the risks involved in your field of work. A welder can work in just about any construction field there is, the job possibilities can be endless. However, it is imperative to make sure your business is prepared and ready to go when the jobs come rolling in.

Before you even accept a job your business needs to be protected. This starts with commercial insurance. If your business is insured not only will it give you peace of mind, but it can increase your appeal to potential customers. Commercialinsurance.NET is here to help you insure your business by getting you a fast free commercial insurance quote.

Types of Risks for Welding Business

Welding contractors are exposed to many health hazards such as highly toxic dust, smoke, and fumes. Heated metals create vapors that condense into microscopic airborne particulates that can be inhaled and settle in the lungs, creating serious health issues.

Welding contractors are at high-risk for severe health issues, depending on the materials being welded as well as the length of exposure. From asthma to heart disease and from cancer to reproductive issues, the risks are enormous.

Installing capture-at-source ventilation such as downdraft tables and portable fume extractors as well as ambient air cleaning solutions are all excellent options as effective ventilation. But that's only part of the solution. Failure to professionally train employees on how to effectively use the capture zones and improper maintenance of the equipment can lead to illnesses from exposure to the airborne matter.

Besides the risk of inhaling weld fumes, welders are also exposed to the potential for fire and explosions. Again, dependent on the material being welded, combustible gases and specks of dust can be extremely flammable.

These are just a few specific instances as to why it is important to have a commercial insurance policy in place to protect your business, tools, employees, and your assets. 

Welding Jobs

There are literally thousands of different industries that utilize welders on a daily basis, including companies involved in:

  • Excavation, Earth Moving Companies & Mining

  • Factory Shutdown Welding

  • Ironworkers

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Production Welding Jobs

  • Robotic Welding

  • Small Local Welding Companies and Fabrication Shops

  • Structural Steel Welding

  • Underwater Welding Jobs

Your Welding business can take you to any one of these locations based on the expertise in your organization. As you can see from the sample list, all of the positions involve high risk.

And while the hiring company may have shared risks, your most important obligation is to protect the safety of your employees, your assets, and your business as a whole. This is where a commercial insurance policy or a business owner's policy comes in handy, it can be crucial to your business surviving any major claims.

General Liability Insurance for Your Welding Business

  • Protect your business and your employees -a general liability policy helps to protect the company and your employees against claims by a third party.

  • Protect your Assets – this aspect of the policy protects you in the event an outside party can substantiate that your business or employee caused property damage or bodily harm

  • Continued Operations – a general liability policy also covers legal costs in a lawsuit ensuring you will still have the benefits of the assets and cash flow to operate; without this coverage, you would be responsible for all legal fees, possibly putting your welding business in jeopardy of ceasing operations.

Types of Claims Covered Under General Liability

  • Bodily Injury Claims – in the event someone, a third party, is injured at your business location or job site

  • Completed Products Claims - claims arising from services or finished products that have caused injury due to inferior workmanship are also covered, including legal costs

  • Personal and Advertising Injury Claims - If you advertise, i.e. on social media, it covers copyright infringement, slander, libel, slander and invasion of privacy

  • Property Damage Claims – a general liability policy covers legal fees in the event someone claims that your employee or business damaged their property

Workers’ Compensation

Welding contractors know their industry's risks. From on-the-job welding accidents to contracting serious illnesses from exposure to weld fumes, your business could be held liable for the expenses – from immediate medical expenses to legal as well as ongoing expenses depending upon the nature of the injury/illness.

Welding businesses need the protection of a workers’ comp policy – not only for the medical and legal expenses but also for employee's lost earnings while on leave.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your welding business requires you and your employees to travel regularly to worksites, then you need commercial auto insurance. The policy will cover vehicle repair, medical expenses, and any legal fees resulting from an auto accident.

Business Owner's Policy

A BOP may also be a type of coverage to consider. This type of policy often combines certain coverages, such as general liability and property insurance at discounted rates. A BOP may also offer other types of coverage, but speaking with an agent will help identify what type of BOP will work best to fit your needs. 

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