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What is Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

As a commercial truck driver, you know that you’ll most always be driving your truck with the trailer attached while on a work trip. However, you need coverage when you’re driving your truck while not working. Non-trucking liability insurance covers your tractor when you’re driving for purposes that don't include business. 

Do Owner-Operators Need Non-Trucking Liability Coverage?

Does an owner-operator actually need non-trucking insurance included in commercial truck insurance? Here are some reasons why anyone in the trucking industry might need it:

  • If you drive your truck (with or without the trailer) to run errands or other non-business purposes
  • To cover the cost of physical damage if an accident occurs
  • To cover the medical costs if a third-party bodily injury occurs
  • To help cover the costs of a lawsuit/legal settlement
  • If your motor carrier requires you to obtain NTL Insurance

A semi-drivers commercial truck insurance will cover you from your dispatch point until your haul is completed. Typically, NTL helps cover the gap in coverage when your truck isn’t being used for a revenue generating purpose.

Most motor carriers require you to get non-trucking liability coverage as part of your contract. If you’re the owner/operator driving under your own authority, NTL may be covered under your primary commercial insurance. 

What Is Covered by Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Non-trucking insurance coverage is a liability-only insurance policy that is in effect when truckers are NOT under dispatch. Liability policies cover expenses if you are involved in or responsible for an accident. 

Example: You’ve completed a haul and are no longer under dispatch. Instead of driving straight home, you use your truck to make a grocery run. Your rig slides on some ice and in an effort to stop you knock over a stop sign. Non-trucking liability will cover the property damage.

In the event of another driver is involved, NTL would cover the damage to the other person’s vehicle, their medical bills, legal fees, and even costly settlements.

A non-trucking liability policy doesn’t cover damage to your truck. This protection would fall under your primary liability or physical damage coverage.

Is Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) Different from Bobtail Insurance?

Non-trucking liability (NTL) and bobtail insurance are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, these two insurance options are quite different.

Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance covers you when you don't have a trailer attached (i.e. “bobtailing” or “deadheading”) and while you’re driving under someone else’s trucking authority (i.e. working for a motor carrier).

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

NTL insurance also protects you when you’re driving your rig without a trailer (i.e. when you’re not hauling). It will not provide coverage if you’re doing anything under dispatch that could fall under the umbrella of work. But if you get in an accident while running errands, an NTL insurance policy would cover the costs associated.

How Much Does Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Cost?

Non-trucking liability coverage can be added as an endorsement to your commercial truck insurance policy or purchased separately. Because it offers very narrow coverage, it isn’t as costly. Insurance carriers include some of these factors to calculate your rate.

  • The cargo that you haul
  • Your operating radius
  • The type of truck you use
  • Your personal driving history
  • The annual revenue of your trucking business

Check with your motor carrier or insurance company to see if your commercial auto liability policy already includes NTL insurance. They can help you determine if you need to add it as an endorsement and how much the coverage might cost.

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