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What Insurance Coverages Does Your Veterinarian Office Need?

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 It does not take an expert to discern that most people who choose the noble calling of caring for the health and safety of other people's pets are not very interested in crunching numbers of figuring out what insurance policies one needs to run a business. 

But it is crucial that those who run veterinary practices know what insurance coverages are needed in order to protect you in your small animal veterinary practice.

Aside from protecting your building, office, and office machines, you will need to protect yourself from malpractice suits and loss of animals which are in your care.

Commercial General Liability 

A commercial general liability policy (CGL) covers damage to the veterinarian's building, office, clinics, or mobile veterinary units as well as tools which are specific to veterinarians, such as veterinary anesthesia machines, radiographic equipment, and animal scales.

Veterinarians' Professional Liability Insurance 

Veterinarians' professional liability insurance endorsement is a must, no matter how careful you are!

This coverage will protect you if you make any professional errors which hurts or results in a loss to your pets or their owners. 

Some of the coverages which are folded into the business owner's policy or commercial general liability policy include the equivalent of malpractice insurance and errors and omissions.

Advertising and Personal Injury Insurance

You are watching the 6:00 news one night and the reporter is talking about a recall of dog food by a major pet food company. You are shocked to see your receptionist, Amanda, as the reporter puts the microphone close to Amanda's face. 

You almost fall out of your chair when Amanda starts talking about the questionable ethics of the pet food company and that, as a pet professional who works for YOUR office -- mentioning you by name -- she has been well aware of the bad conditions of the factory and is "shocked that it took this long for pets across the country to be poisoned."

You try to remember whether that is libel or slander as you bolt for your home office to check your insurance coverages to ensure that you have advertising and personal injury insurance which, fortunately, covers the lawsuit which might arise from her statements.

Premises and Operations Liability Insurance

This coverage protects you against property damage or bodily injury that people who do not work for you might sustain while at your office.

Some Scenarios

Let's look at a couple of scenarios:

Scenario #1: You have a full house. Your kennels are close to full and have been for several days. At 9:00 am, Mrs. Phillips brings in her young white toy poodle, Scaramoosh, is to be spayed. At 9:30, Mr. Johnson brings in his puppy, a white toy poodle, Esmarelda who has Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease and will undergo surgery to remedy the situation.

It's time for you to spay Scaramoosh, and your assistant brings the pup in. You finish the procedure with no problems or complications at all, and off she goes to recover.

You see a couple of other patients, and it's time to begin Esmeralda's surgery, and the assistant comes hurrying in to tell you that you just spayed Esmeralda!

Mr. Johnson, who wanted to breed Esmeralda, is going to be livid. It is not improbable that he will secure a lawyer and sue for malpractice. 

Scenario #2: Obadiah, an Abyssian kitty with psychogenic alopecia is here for his regular checkup while his owner is running errands. Due to his early childhood history, he is skittish. Your assistant scoops Obadiah out of the kennel just as the front door opens. Obadiah leaps out of her ams and out the door before anyone knows what's happening.

Your veterinary business owners policy is going to come in handy in this instance as well

Other Insurance Coverage

Of course, as always, there are other insurance coverages or endorsements you should avail yourself of. Workers compensation, business interruption, and employment practices liability insurance are among them.

You can get competitive insurance quotes for any and all aspects of your small animal veterinary business right her on this page. Enter your zip code into the blue box  above and click on the button that says "Start Quote Now."